Memorizing Medicine - Faster and Better - A Unique way of learning, remembering, reproducing, animated, etc.  (English, Paperback, Dr Rifat Naghmi)

Memorizing Medicine - Faster and Better - A Unique way of learning, remembering, reproducing, animated, etc. (English, Paperback, Dr Rifat Naghmi)

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Author Dr Rifat Naghmi Highlights Language: English Binding: Paperback Publisher: Paras Medical Books Genre: Academic & Test Preparation ISBN: 9789383124817, 9383124814 Edition: 1st Edition, 2016 Pages: 759 Description Preface to 3rd Edition : ---- The first edition of Memorizing Medicine Faster and Better is a miniscule addition to the bonanza of books on Medicine that already exist. With so much knowledge out there, the answers to most of our problems are also found easily, but they are difficult to comprehend by the uninitiated. The purpose of writing this book is to present the essentials of the subject to students in a lucid and concise manner. An easy to read format, numerous tables, illustrations, mnemonics, cartoons and jokes are the unique features of this book. Those who possess a photographic memory can make the most of it by combining images with text to reinforce what they have learned. This makes it easier to recall the information, because all you have to do is to bring the image to mind to recall the information. Mnemonics are great tool for medical students. They allow complex information to be condensed in a few words and essentially make your memory more efficient. The concept of a mnemonic should be lot simpler than its confusing spelling and should not need a mnemonic to remember it! The best mnemonics are those that are relevant to the subject and list most important or more common diseases at the top. I have made a conscious effort to keep these facts in mind. ---- Make no mistake: this book is no substitute to a wider reading and the reader is encouraged to consult other comprehensive textbooks and monographs. One of the great pleasures for a teacher is to see a student apply the knowledge the teacher helped impart. My dream would be realized if I can achieve this to some extent. ----- I wish to acknowledge the constant advice, support, and inspiration of my wife Subuhi in bringing this book to fruition. Additionally, I would like to thank those who have helped me along my writing journey and contributed to the realization of this book. ----- A multitude of issues are not covered in the book, and I would welcome readers’ input regarding topics for future editions. There are likely to be some errors of omission and commission, and, for these, I shoulder the entire responsibility. I would appreciate any readers calling to my attention any such errors. It is sincerely hoped that clinical medical students and candidates for higher examinations will find Memorizing Medicine Faster and Better a useful adjunct to their studies. Specifications Book Details Imprint Paras Publication Publication Year 2016 January Book Type Supplementary, Test Prepration